Raven Glaze Technical – August 15

Raven Glaze Technical - August 15 RavenGlaze

Raven Glaze Technical

Our latest blog takes a look into the technical aspect of frameless glazing and our glass extensions. It is important to look above and beyond pure aesthetics and identify living with glass on a day-to-day basis. An important issue is being able to identify and understand the difference between U-value and Centre pane Value.

U-Value VS Centre Pane Value

U-value is a measure of transferring heat; it measures how well bespoke glazing will be able to transfer heat. It is a measurement of insulation, so the lower the U-value the more efficient the glazing.

U-values are measured in units of watts per square metre per degree kelvin or (W/m²K). External elements, glass doors, glass sliding doors or exterior glass walls have to comply with thermal standards that are expressed as U value (W/m²K). This signifies that it is the amount of heat loss through a square metre of material for the difference of every degree in temperature between exterior and the interior. Lower U-value signifies better thermal performance of glazing.

A centre pane value measures the thermal flexibility of a glass unit. A centre pane value is different from a U-value. When computing centre pane value, different measurements are used on the basis of the frame that is used. Centre pane values differ according to the glass type that is used. Other factors that affect the measurement of centre pane values are solidness of the unit and the double glazed unit filling.

There are some differences that can be observed between whole u-value and centre pane value. The centre pane value is of the sealed unit being used within your frameless glazing. It is only when the central pane value is added to the frame u-value that the total u-value can be calculated. To achieve the right U Value there needs to be a balance of unit and frame; it is also important to make both thermally efficient.

At Raven Glaze, we provide high quality glass installations. We aim to present clients with glass structures that are as thermally efficient as possible. We guide our clients efficiently and transparently, meaning you are always aware of the quality of the bespoke glass being installed.

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The Raven Glaze Team.

Raven Glaze Technical - August 15 RavenGlaze